All of buildings and facilities were constructed for use of IALFM members and to meet the needs of our congregation by the grace of Allah SWT. Therefore, every facility is to be treated respectfully at all times. At no time are the buildings or facilities of IALFM to be used by persons or groups for any questionable activities. The MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall/Men’s Prayer Hall), SPH (Sisters’ Prayer Hall) or Classrooms will not be available for use on Friday, Eid, or during Ramadan. When you see someone praying in the halls, please keep noise levels to a minimum so as not to distract them. Activities sponsored by IALFM will take precedence and priority.

Please contact Facility Committee via email ( for bookings (in 30-minute blocks).

See Important Guidelines below for more details.

Important Guidelines

  1. Please contact Facility Committee via email ( for bookings (in 30-minute blocks), or in case of any scheduling conflict or improper use of MPH.
  2. It is NOT allowed for an individual or a group to use the SPH, MPH, Classrooms or Kitchen (any space on our masjid property), unless permission has been obtained in advance from the IALFM Facility Committee via email.
  3. All activities in MPH or SPH must stop 10 minutes before Iqamah. And can resume 10 minutes after Jamaat/Khateera/Lectures are completed.
  4. Community members can rent MPH, SPH or Classrooms. A rental fee of $100 for the first 2 hours and $25 per hour thereafter will be charged to cover operating costs. A $250 deposit will be required one week before the scheduled event. The deposit will be returned if there is no damage to the IALFM property and no additional cleanup is required. Please read, complete and submit these forms to Facility Committee via email: Rental Agreement & Liability Waiver
  5. If you need info on how to access any equipment, please send an email to Facility Committee.
  6. MPH is closed during the Islamic month of Ramadan and not available on Fridays & Eid days.
  7. There is to be no use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol on the masjid property. Dress should be modest, appropriate for the activity, and not offensive to Islamic values. Shirts are required at all times. Improper language will not be tolerated.
  8. Participants are to wear clean, soft soled sneakers that will not mark the playing floor.
  9. The equipment room and gym floor is to be organized and cleaned after each activity and debris put into trash cans. All equipment taken from the room for use is to be returned and stored properly. This room is to be kept locked when not in use.
  10. IALFM does reserve the right to decline any request for the use of its facility if it is determined that those activities hinder IALFM programs.

    After all activities, all lights in the gym – including restrooms, equipment rooms, etc. are to be turned off. All sports and cleaning equipment, etc. are to be stored after each use. All garbage is to be properly disposed of in the trash cans. MPH, SPH, Kitchen and classrooms are to be left neat and in order. Don’t simply finish the activity and turn off the doors and lights!

    The Golden Rule: Leave it as good or better than you found it!

LIABILITY: The use of the MPH, SPH, Classrooms, and any equipment will be at the risk of the participant. IALFM does not assume liability or responsibility for any injury to any user of the IALFM facility. IALFM does not make any express or implied warranty of the premises, the equipment or fixtures. IALFM is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken personal property.