IALFM has established a Funeral Committee to provide related services to our community. We do not charge for this service (see the list of services below) and is available to everyone in our community. However, there may be charges associated to Funeral Home, where body of the deceased is prepared for the funeral and Muslim Cemetery, where body of the deceased is laid to rest.

How to receive funeral service?
Please send an email to our Funeral Committee at funeral@ialfm.org to get started (as early as possible) – someone from that committee will then contact you directly, to guide & help thru the process.

What happens at IALFM premises for a funeral service?
1. Funeral committee will work with you to arrange for an appropriate day/time for Funeral prayers (Salat-ul-Janazah).

2. We will also help with the arrangements for a private viewing at the masjid, if the family of the deceased wishes to do so.

3. We will also provide guidance on transportation mechanics to facilitate funeral prayers and private viewing.

4. Our religious leaders, Imam Rasheed Farah & Br Moneeb Sarmad (Education Director) will be available for counseling, if needed, at the request of family of the deceased.

5. We will also help with community announcements for funeral prayer and other events, like Azza & Dua, at the request of family of the deceased.