The IALFM Sisters Committee focuses on expanding masjid activities while providing classes on Tajweed, Hadeeth, and Halaqahs. The Sisters Committee strives to spread Islamic values within the women of the masjid while also influencing the Flower Mound Muslim community. Through weekly and monthly programs, the committee brings scholars from around the area while arranging events to make the masjid a focal point of engagement.


*  To strive to enable and promote sisterhood and unity among sisters irrespective of their ethnic, nationality, social or cultural backgrounds.
*  To strive to enable and facilitate learning opportunities for sisters as well as to community to strengthen their Islamic knowledge and values.
*  To strive to instill Islamic and social environment to foster Islamic values, conduct, respect and love for each other.


*  Sisters’ Halaqah
*  Weekly Taleemul Quran class for sisters ( English and Urdu)
*  Sisters’ Fitness Walk program
*  Inviting female scholars for sisters conference / workshop
*  Picnic for sisters (twice a year)
*  Hadeeth Class (open to all community)

Programs and Events

*  Monthly Collection of Food Items for ICNA Food Pantry
*  Bi monthly Volunteering at Helping Hand Warehouse
*  Bi monthly Volunteering at ICNA Food Pantry


To contact the Sisters Committee about upcoming events, joining the committee, or any other questions, feel free to send an email at: