Steps to Register Your Child in Sunday School

Sunday School Registration is now closed
All parents need to come to IALFM Masjid from 10am to 12pm to complete the registration process. We will finalize books and fees payment details for students. Let us know via email if you have any registration related questions.

Important Details

  1. This year classes will start on August 21st, 2022, and go thru May 2022 (9 months April Ramadan Break)
  2. Sunday School will start at 10:30am & end at 1:45pm 
  3. There will be two classes (Quran & Religion) of 75 mins each for all levels (Level 1 thru 5), 30 mins break, and 15 mins for Dhuhr Salah.
    (snacks are provided at no extra charge, students can also bring their own lunch from home, if needed)
  4. All existing or continuing students will have a guaranteed place in their respective classes (registration is still required for everyone), though new registrations will be capped (available on ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, a seat in class for new students is not guaranteed & subject to availability)
  5. To minimize the cost of Sunday School education for our community, we will continue to offer Textbooks Lending Program this year as well. You can pay $10 to lend all textbooks. You will still need to buy workbooks. We have removed unnecessary workbooks from curriculum. For some levels we will also provide printed worksheets at no charge.
  6. To get yourself familiarize with all Sunday School details, please go thru the Overview & FAQs sections on our website.
  7. Sunday School Registration is now closed.

Any other questions or feedback, you can reach us at: