Current Status (as of September 2023)

Alhumdulillah! Our New Masjid building construction project concluded in 2021 with the help & support of our IALFM & greater DFW community.


Earlier in April 2021, the construction work was mostly completed, and we also received a permit from the Town of Flower Mound to start using the facility, after a thorough inspection. We also had a formal opening ceremony during Ramadan on 27th Ramadan (May 8, 2021). Since then, we have been using our new building for Friday prayers & other important large events, like Eid & Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan, when we usually have a large number of attendees at our masjid. Later in 2023, we also started utilizing our new building for daily prayers & all other smaller events.

Check out the pictures of our new building at the bottom of this page!

Past Milestones

March 2020: IALFM Board & Construction Committee signed the contract for the third & final phase of our new masjid construction project. The construction work started in April 2020 & continued at a steady pace for the next one year.

August 2018: Phase 1 & Phase 2 were completed. These phases included Foundation of our 15,000 square feet new building and 93 additional parking places in the New Parking Lot on top of existing parking that we have at our masjid. New Parking Lot was inaugurated for public use after approval of related permits from the Town of Flower Mound. Since then, the parking lot has been used regularly by visitors coming to our mosque, especially during Friday prayers & major events like Eid prayers, etc.

Financial Summary

Total amount spent on Phase 1 & Phase 2: $1.2M
Total cost of Final Phase 3: $2.1M
All loans have been paid off, and our masjid is now debt-free, Alhumdulillah!

For more info & questions, please contact IALFM Board at

Construction Site Pictures & Video

Construction Site Updates from the past are available on our website & our Facebook page.

New Building Construction Site Videos are also available on our YouTube channel