Want to hold an event at IALFM Masjid?

Please use the information and forms on this page to submit a request for IALFM BOD/Committee approval.

  1. Event Request Form  (click to open the form, complete & submit it)
  2. Change Request for Scheduled Events  (click to open the form, complete & submit it)
  3. Submit a new or updated poster/ad for your event by sending it via email to events@ialfm.org


  1. Someone from IALFM BOD/Committee will get back to you via email in a few days after you submit a new event request form.
  2. If you do not get any response after 3 days, feel free to send us an email at events@ialfm.org, we will follow up on your request.
  3. Let us know if you have any feedback on this process or forms, send us an email at: events@ialfm.org


How to use Projector (Room 1)

Projector’s remote control and a VGA cable (for laptop connectivity) is inside the dais that our Imam or Friday Khateeb uses (usually located inside/near the minbar), look in top drawer. A wooden rod to bring down the projector screen is located inside the minbar, look in the space on left hand side.

Using remote you turn the projector on, use the VGA cable to connect to laptop (VGA port is required on laptop or you will need a converter), other end of it goes into VGA port on the wall and screen will tell you when the connection has been made (hour glass shows up for a few seconds and then picture loads up of what you have on your laptop screen) and projector will start projecting, otherwise it projects, ‘no signal‘ on screen.

To turn the projector off, press the off button on remote control twice in succession.

Happy projecting!

Any questions, send us an email at: events@ialfm.org