We are pleased to offer classes at Pillar Academy to our middle and high school students and give them the flexibility of choosing between two exclusive weekend cohorts – Saturday and Sunday. Both cohorts boast the same comprehensive courses, ensuring an exceptional learning experience for every student. Below, is an overview of the schedules for each cohort:

Saturday Cohort

Sunday Cohort

Course Descriptions

AQD 101 – Articles of Īmān

In this course, students will explore the profound teachings of the ḥadīth of Jibrīl عليه السلام, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the six pillars of Īmān. They will delve into the significance of unwavering belief in Allāh سبحانه وتعالى and the rational basis for exclusive worship. Through engaging lessons, they will grasp the roles of prophets and divine revelation in shaping their faith. The course will also highlight the profound impact of angels on believers’ lives. Students will develop a deep appreciation for the centrality of belief in the hereafter and explore the concept of Qadar, enabling them to navigate the intriguing “problem of evil” within an Islamic framework.

QUR 101 – Introduction to Qurʾānic Sciences

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental aspects of the Qurʾān. Students will explore the Qurʾān’s origins, preservation, and its status as the word of Allāh سبحانه وتعالى. Additionally, the course covers essential discussions on the process of revelation, the significance of Tafsīr, and the Qurʾān’s timeless relevance as a guiding source in contemporary times.

At our Pillars Academy, we strive to create an enriching educational experience that is spiritually uplifting for all our students, and the weekend cohorts exemplify our commitment to offering convenient and accessible learning opportunities.

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Please Note: It is essential to acknowledge that timings may be subject to change due to factors like Daylight Saving Time (DST) and other relevant considerations. Any updates or changes to the schedules will be promptly communicated to our enrolled students.