We have two professional Zoom accounts (no time limit for meetings, maximum 100 attendees, meetings can be recorded) available for use by different IALFM Committees for their online meetings, programs and events. IALFM Committee leads or members can send a quick email to IALFM Board with the required info (see basic simple steps below) to book a particular Zoom account for their use. Let us know if we can make it more convenient for you in any way, your feedback is always welcome!

Basic Simple Rules

  1. Check the schedule of Zoom accounts in their respective calendars linked below, to find an available spot for your meeting or event or see if the time slot if available, when you plan to have your meeting/event
  2. To book a Zoom account for use, send an email to IALFM Board with the following details:
    Zoom account number you want to book, brief event details, date, time, single instance or recurring event, end date if it’s a recurring event
  3. Send the booking email well in advance, preferably weeks in advance for processing. Minimum notice of 24 to 48 hours is required for processing these requests, otherwise a response is not guaranteed
  4. For approved requests, our response will include login details of a Zoom account which can be used for the event & the event will be placed on Zoom account’s calendar
  5. When requests are received less than 24 hours before the event, a committee can use a particular Zoom account, if it’s not already booked for another event, otherwise please use personal Zoom accounts for your event

Zoom Account Calendars