New IALFM Masjid | Now Open for Friday Prayers

As of Friday April 23, Alhumdulillah, the construction work for our New Masjid Building is mostly completed and after an inspection, we have received a temporary permit from the Town of Flower Mound to start using the facility. The remaining work will continue for the next several weeks. We also had a formal opening ceremony on 27th Ramadan or Saturday May 8th of our new masjid building.

We are currently using it only for Friday prayers (and other major events), when we usually have a large number of attendees at our masjid. For daily & all other prayers, our old masjid building is utilized. Check out the latest pictures!

For regular updates on our New Masjid Building project with new pictures, go to: Construction Update or check out our Facebook Page, as Construction Committee posts regular updates with pictures over there.