Interfaith Summer Camp is an annual event organized by IALFM Youth Committee in collaboration with other faith based institutions in our neighborhood which includes churches, temples, synagogues & other congregations, such as Creekwood Christian Church, Flower Mound Hindu Temple, Baha’is of Flower Mound & Congregation Kol Ami.

The camp is organized for children & adults (age 3 & above) with activities planned at different locations, mainly religious institutions of participating organizations. Over the course of 5 or more days, congregations from participating faith-based organizations attend events at those locations focused on the main theme of the Interfaith Summer Camp.

Interfaith Summer Camp provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the diversity in our community!

The theme for 2017 was ‘Seek and You Shall Find‘. Each night, the hosting faith community helps participants better understand what faithful followers seek from their religious practices. This unique experience provides all participants an opportunity to learn, share, befriend & build a greater understanding of their friends & peers from multiple faith & religious backgrounds.

Each hosting faith community is responsible for coming up with a program for the day when they host camp participants at their location. The daily program generally consists of a potluck dinner, some games and learning exercises for children & adults and usually wraps up with a lecture or other suitable activity to facilitate better understanding of religious beliefs of hosting faith community.

The teachings focus on building relationships and bridges through fun, experiential activities that teach the basic of each faith and celebrate common values. This unique experience is an opportunity to share, learn, befriend, and build a greater understanding between Faith-based traditions.

Last year in 2016, the theme was ‘Honoring the Divine and Honoring Each Other‘. All participants including children, teens and adults gathered for a week of learning about Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Baha’i faiths. Each evening, participants visited a different house of worship where they shared a halal meal, got together into different age groups for informative learning, fun activities, and conversations with participants from other faiths.

The final day of Interfaith Summer Camp is generally a celebration dedicated to having fun together and allowing campers an opportunity to share with their parents what they have learned and created during that week. Parents are also invited to join the camp for the entire day.

Dress Guidelines
As a sign of respect for the different houses of worship that participants visit, it is requested that all volunteers and campers honor the following dress code while at Interfaith Summer Camp.

– Wear closed toe shoes & wear socks
– No shorts, wear jeans, or floor length skirts
– Do not wear any sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops
– Do not wear t-shirts with slogans on them
– Headscarf for girls is recommended

For more info, please visit: Denton South Interfaith‘s Summer Camp page on Facebook