Ramadan Community Iftar @ IALFM

Ramadan Community Iftar
As per IALFM tradition, we are planning to organize Community Iftar every week on Friday, Saturday & Sunday during the month of Ramadan. We will be hosting community iftar in person at the masjid premises, as we have done in the past, with appropriate safety protocols. We are counting on IALFM community and families to sign-up for available slots in the sign-up sheet linked below. Ramadan Committee has recommended to have 8 or more families per day to sponsor community iftar on a given day. Please read guidelines provided in the sign-up sheet linked below.

Community Iftar Sign-up Sheet

Ramadan Iftar

If you are signing up to for individual Iftar sponsor slots, please use the following link to donate for ‘Ramadan Iftar’. Individuals can donate any amount that they desire to donate for this purpose. We will use it to arrange for Iftar on days that are not sponsored by family groups, like 27th Ramadan, Interfaith Iftar, or any other remaining days.

Donate for Ramadan Iftar

Ramadan Programs

Community Members are also requested to donate for the Ramadan Programs (Huffaz for Tarawih, etc.) and other additional expenses (utilities, etc.) that we incur during Ramadan. As in the past, we are requesting all families to donate at least $200 in this regard.

Donate for Ramadan Programs/Expenses

Be a Ramadan Volunteer!

Please sign up to be a Volunteer during Ramadan to earn maximum rewards from Allah!

Ramadan Volunter Sign-up Sheet

Want to be informed on all IALFM activities?
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May Allah bestow the blessings of the month of Ramadan on all of us, Aameen!

Any questions or feedback, please send it to: bod@ialfm.org