Hiring a Religious Director for IALFM

IALFM is thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for a dedicated individual to join our vibrant community as the Religious Director. This paid, part-time position holds similar responsibilities to the Resident Scholar role at neighboring masajid, offering an enriching experience in serving the spiritual needs of our rapidly growing community.

Join IALFM as our Religious Director and make a meaningful impact on the spiritual growth and development of our community. Together, let us strive for excellence and uphold the values that define us as a vibrant Islamic organization.

Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Leading Prayers: As the Religious Director, you will lead prayers on the days when the Imam is not available. Your presence will ensure smooth continuation of congregational prayers and provide spiritual guidance to our community members.

2. Qiyam Organization: You will organize a periodic Qiyam, a special night of worship and remembrance of Allah. Through thoughtful planning and execution, you will create an atmosphere conducive to spiritual reflection and community engagement.

3. Re-imagining Quran School: You will have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in revitalizing our Quran School, ensuring that it becomes a beacon of knowledge and a source of spiritual growth for our youth. Your assistance and guidance will help shape the future of our Quran education program, paving the way for a future Hifdh Program.

4. Support for Sunday School: As the Religious Director, you will extend your expertise and assistance to our Sunday School, aiding in its development and enhancement. Collaborating with the Principal, Administrator and volunteers, you will contribute to the implementation and improvement of educational initiatives for our young learners.

5. Interfaith and Community Engagement: Representing IALFM, you will actively participate in interfaith dialogues, community events, and engagements with local organizations, throughout DFW. By fostering positive relationships and building bridges of understanding, you will contribute to the harmonious coexistence and mutual respect among diverse faith communities.

6. Monthly Khutbah: You will deliver an insightful Friday khutbah once a month, addressing relevant (to our community) topics and providing guidance to our congregation. Your inspiring words will resonate with our community and help deepen their spiritual connection to the Masjid and within themselves.

7. Youth and Adult Activity Development: Working collaboratively with our board, volunteers and staff, you will contribute to the improvement and expansion of activities for both youth and adults. Your creativity and vision will help create a dynamic environment that nurtures holistic development of individuals of all ages.

8. Religious Obligations: As the Religious Director, you will provide guidance so that all religious obligations are discharged with excellence (Ihsan).

9. Ramadan and Taraweeh Prayers: During the holy month of Ramadan, you will work with the Imam and lead Taraweeh prayers, ensuring that they are conducted with proper recitation, adherence to the Sunnah, and creating a spiritually uplifting atmosphere for the congregants.

10. Counseling and Spiritual Guidance: You will provide counseling and spiritual guidance to community members, addressing their religious concerns, providing support in times of difficulty, and helping individuals deepen their connection with Allah and their practice of Islam.

11. Zakat and Sadaqah: You will educate the community about the importance of fulfilling the obligation of Zakat and encourage the giving of Sadaqah (charitable acts).

12. Adherence to Islamic Ethics and Values: As the Religious Director you will promote and emphasize Islamic ethics and values in all aspects of Masjid activities, ensuring that the community upholds principles of honesty, integrity, justice, compassion, and respect.

How to apply: If you are passionate about serving the spiritual needs of a dynamic and diverse community, we invite you or someone you know to apply for this position. Please send your resume via email to the IALFM Board of Directors at bod@ialfm.org to express your interest or to receive further information.