Hiring Education/Youth Director & Khateeb for IALFM

IALFM is currently looking to hire an Education/Youth Director & Khateeb.

Interested candidates can review the job description below.

Qualified candidates can apply for the position by sending their cover letter & resume to: careers@ialfm.org

Job Description

IALFM seeks an Education/Youth Director and Khateeb to organize and run education and youth related activities for the Muslim community of IALFM. The Education Director should provide education to our community based on the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). The Director will work with the Board and relevant committees for the coordination and planning of all programs.

The ideal candidate will be someone who:

  • has been raised in the US
  • has first-hand experience of public education system
  • understands issues of Muslim communities in US
  • has solid Islamic education and training
  • is associated with or a graduate of a reputable Islamic institute
  • has experience of working with both youth and adults
  • has experience with providing counseling
  • is articulate and has good communication skills
  • can connect with and engage people
  • has experience of interfaith activities and can organize open house and represent our community at local events
  • has experience with fundraising
  • resides close to the community and is perceived to be part of the community and not as an outsider
  • is available over evenings and weekends


a) Plan and organize calendar of events
b) Jummah Khutbahs, as needed
c) Educational Services
        – Classes on a regular basis
        – Friday night Halaqas / Family nights
        – Sisters educational classes
d) Youth activities
        – Interactive Halaqas that engage participants
        – Experiential learning through sports, games, outings and other fun activities
        – Counseling
e) Advises on Sunday School Curriculum
f) Use digital channels to engage the community and reinforce learning
g) Support Outreach Programs (Dawah, Interfaith dialogue). Help with Masjid open house and serve as a speaker and representative for interfaith programs
h) Speak at Fundraising Events of Islamic Association or to represent Association at events
i) Ramadan programs (daily khatirah etc.)
j) Working with the BOD and Imam to solve community problems
k) Measure event performance and provide reports on effectiveness of programs